17 July 2014

15 Jul; Dance Fundamentals L1 Week 3 Zils!

I always have mixed feelings about teaching Zils on Week 3. I love playing my zils and dancing at the same time, but I do remember how vexing it was when I first encountered the concept as a student.
But this class went really well! It progressed like this:
  1. Meet your Zils
  2. It's good to wear your Zils while dancing with the Slow Steps so you can get used to wearing them and allow the heavy thumb and middle finger to create a graceful hand.
  3. RLR- pattern while walking 
  4. RLR-pattern in arm cycling exercise to Baladi Unplugged
  5. RLR- pattern while dancing in Egyptian Basic and 1/2 Turn
There were some confused looks during the class, but when the fog lifted everyone admitted that it was fun. Or, would be fun at some point in the future!

Tribal Combinations L2 was good as well. It was Week 3, Chorus and Reach & Sit. I really believe that once you've made it through L3W3, you have all the concepts that you need to understand ATS®. After that it's just more steps and refinement.
Let me know your thoughts!

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