30 August 2009

wok and roll

JFK Airport NYC:
Thank you to the man at Wok and Roll who saw the look of fear on my face when the gal started to use the meat spoon to serve the rice and vegetables I asked for. He said, "Use a clean spoon!'
"Why?" She said.
He looked over his shoulder at me:
"I'm taking the rice from the other side of the pot."
I said, "Thank you for understanding."
Pointing to my bindi, he said "You are Hindu?"
"No, I'm a Buddhist."
"But the bindi?"
"It reminds me of my God."
"OK. What kind of Buddhist are you?"
"I don't know, just a Buddhist."
"OK. Have a spring roll, no meat."
"Thank you, really. Thank you."
"No problem."

09 August 2009

On the way to Highland

it just sorta happened ...

I made this little hat (thanks Quinn for the revised pattern) and I had to ...
... pull out all my cotton stash and then go the store to buy more. I feel wealthy.

06 August 2009

Hafla! 5 Aug 09

Let the party begin!
The studio fills with guests ...
FrontJunk provides a musical interlude ...
Dancers enjoy refreshments ...
The FCBD students dance ...
The lovely Wendy and Gibson ...
Gibson Pearl performs ...
Wendy Marlatt has just finished her set ...
Leslie and Heather from Buffalo NY ...
The East Bay class ...
A great night was had by all!

02 August 2009

at Bay Coffee with Mom

On Sunday's when I am in town, you can find us here at Bay Coffee in Pacifica, CA.
Pictured here with the muffin, is my Mom, Bess. And yes, she is as sweet as her name implies.