09 April 2009

Queen Harish at FCBD!

On the way home from SeaTac

It was a long weekend, with three workshops, the show (the blown monitor!) and running the booth. Plus lots of socializing, which is the perk.
As we took off, this was the view from my left.
And this was the view from my right. Lucky me.

Backstage in Seattle

Getting ready for the gala show with 6 FCBD and 7 Devyanis. We must have overwhelmed the audio system because a main monitor blew out after our first number. Bit of a buzz kill, but we soldiered through to the end.

03 April 2009

Inn at Queen Anne

In the cab on the way to our hotel.
After check in we found out that the vintage establishment had no elevators! Luckily a bell hop was provided.
The lobby is filled with cut-glass light fixtures. You can't really see the detail here, but you get the general idea.


On our way to Cues and Tattoos in Seattle. Virgin Airlines is in the Int'l terminal at
SFO. We are leaving from A12 where, coincidentaly, we performed at the
opening of the Int'l terminal several years ago.

01 April 2009

Taipei Taiwan...the girls!

OK, I'm kidding. These are the talented women that helped me with the workshop. Lucie (left) and Devi (right.) But seriously, am I lucky or what?
The event poster. Devi says she looks like the devil posed on my shoulder.