27 April 2016

ATS® helping the world one woman at a time

When I created American Tribal Style®,  I never imagined how far it would reach. Like the proverbial drop of water in the pond, I can see the ripples reaching far, far away.
Not only does this dance connect communities of dancers world wide, it also connects those that know nothing about us. I am so proud to see ATS® and the dancers that are drawn to it, reaching beyond itself to support those in need. 
There are many wonderful projects created by ATS® dancers around the world, and I wanted to share a few of them with you. If you know of other projects, please post to the comment section so we can all be aware of the change that ATS® has created in the world.

Sister to Sister project

Kalash is an American Tribal Style® dance troupe directed by Kelley Beeston. Kalash started their Sister to Sister projects in early 2014 as a result of Kelley’s visits to the Congo with Luminosity.

Sister to Sister - Contraceptive implants from Kalash Tribal on Vimeo.

Many of the women are the victims of gender based violence, including sexual violence during conflict. Many have lost their husbands, including hundreds of women on the Island of Idjwi whose husbands have drowned on Lake Kivu. These women turned to Kelley for help and support, simply because, she too is a woman.

When I found out about Kalash's Contraceptive Project I made a donation ($7 gives a woman in the Congo access to birth control for 3-5 years!) and contacted Kelley to find out how I could be involved. The result was the Sewing Project. Together we raised $15,0000 and created a workshop where women have access to a variety of sewing machines and tools so they can gain independence and contribute to their families income.
Find more information about Kelley Beeston and her Sister to Sister project here.

13 April 2016

The Power of Dance a documentary about Colleena Shakti

Please enjoy this video featuring my beautiful co-conspirator in the Nakarali jewelry company, Colleena Shakti.