30 June 2009

San Francisco Dyke March on Pink Saturday

It's a tradition that on the night before the Gay Pride Parade, the Dyke March takes off from Dolores Park at 18th/Dolores St and moves through the Mission to Castro/Market. Here we are waiting to get on the rolling sound truck. It was windy and our lashes were in danger of blowing off!
A view from the truck as we start the March.
It's rumored there were 100,000 people in the March.
At the end of the March our sound truck turned into a stage and we performed for the crowd. This event is sponsored by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They throw the best parties ever!

at Kryolan

Kryolan is the premier stage make-up company in San Francisco. We went there the other day to get lashes. You see here my purchase of 8 (!!) pairs of perfection. If I buy them at a regular store, I have to layer several together to get what I need. But here..they speak my language.
When we walked in, it triggered a memory. When I was getting ready for my first performance...33 years ago!..my teacher, Masha, told me to, "Go to the Kryolan store and get a box of grease paints." Here they are, but they weren't in plastic tubes back then, just wrapped in foil.
So, my first experience with stage make-up was a box of grease paints consisting of black, red, brown, white and yellow. Having no experience with any sort of make-up, let alone stage make-up, Masha helped me "put my face on" and I didn't recognize the dancer in the mirror when she was finished.
More lashes on display.
A sophisticated palette.
Yet more lashes to choose from!

23 June 2009


As I'm recovering from Devotion, a thought has occurred to me: I love to produce. The whole experience of producing Devotion was a thrill. I love being busy to the point of distraction, I love having my house and studio filled with people that need things from me, I love working with teams of people that are singlemindedly working toward the same goal, I love all of the problems that get solved, and even the ones that don't get solved can teach me something.
This was also the case when I was a waitress. I wanted the busiest section with the most demanding customers. Loved running back and forth from the cook to the customer (more on this later when I discuss why dancing is like waitressing!) trying to solve problems and make everyone happy. I love offering suggestions instead of just saying "No, we don't have that."
I also love a busy day at the FCBD Studio. People enjoying themselves and seeing the light go on over their heads when I show them something that they didn't think they could do or wear or understand.
And amidst all of this, staying centered and calm. I have to work on that because I can let myself get ungrounded and lose my temper, which I hate to do. But when I can stay cool and make things "go" I feel so rewarded at the end of the day.

20 June 2009

Okay, it's blurry

But it's also Carolena, Colleena and Rachel backstage at Devotion.

19 June 2009

Devotion: Weaving the Fabric

All photos here by © michele sieglitz, lilblackcat productions (our awesome video editor!)
That's my arm holding onto Wendy! Our Spinning Still.. piece.
The brilliant and beautiful Teresa Tomb from Rakadu in KY.

Sandi and Wendy from FCBD.
Megha and Marci from Devyani in AL.
Our student troupe, Red Lotus from FCBD.

Colleena, stunning.

It's me.
Me, again. Lots of costume changes in this show!
Anita et al, from FCBD.