01 September 2014

28 Aug 2014; L3 Drills&Improv w/playlist

This was a great class! We looked at using a certain kind of drum solo for a duet. We chose songs that are 3-4 minutes in length, are textured but not too complicated; all tempo changes are preceded by cadence and follow through in a predictable format. We first danced in duets out of the chorus, to get to know the song. Then we immediately danced the whole song in duets facing away from the mirror so the dancers could feel the trust that is necessary for a tricky, fast paced song.

I was not able to find Uncle Mafufuo's Simple Solo, but you can find it on Sirocco Vol. 1 at the FCBD® Shop.

Also, remember from previous posts that Nutcracker in FCBD® language refers to the last 5 min 20 seconds of Roah Albi.

26 Aug 2014: L1 Week 3, L2 Week 9 w/playlist

26 August 2014

Notes coming soon...

21 Aug 2014: L3 w/playlist

A note about Roah Albi; we used an edited version once in The Revolutionary Nutcracker Sweetie (Yes, Mark Morris, there were innovators before you!) It's the last 5min 20 sec, and we refer to it as The Nutcracker.

14 August 2014

visiting the temple of Quan Yin

 Before I left Missouri I wanted to see the statue of Quan Yin at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City...
 We walked down a few hallways...and there she was...
 I was transfixed...we felt her energy when we walked into her room...
She is eight feet tall...magnificent, benevolent, commanding...
I am very, very happy. Thank you Susan Warner and Jenn Kasper for arranging my visit.