24 January 2015

Welome 2015! L1L2L3 24 Jan 2015

Today in L3 Drills and Improv, we addressed the Moroccan Six zil pattern and the feeling of circles in the music.

The song we used was Sadats by Cheb i Sabah (see playlist below.) We tried to match the feeling of the music with circular steps:

Arm circles with floreos - vertical circles [arms] with little spinners [hands]
Barrel Turn - vertical circle
Pulse Turn - vertical circle
Wrap Around Turn - horizontal circle upper body
Circle Step - horizontal circle lower body

I wanted the students to understand that American Tribal Style® is not meant to be a historically accurate representation of the North African cultures, but rather a way of bringing the feeling of the cultures to the audience via the dance. We talked a bit about the Gnawa and Griots. I recommended reading Paul Bowles, especially Their Heads are Green and Their Hands Are Blue, where he mentions that Egyptian music sounds like a square and Moroccan music sounds like a circle.

We looked at some videos of Gnawa trance music and ritual, to give the students a visual to apply when playing the zils like gargabas and the circular nature of the pulse in the music.


01 December 2014

Costume Workshop; the classic headdress!

Please join me and learn how to create a Classic Headdress! If you can't make it in person, I will *try* to film it and put it up on PowHow.

30 November 2014

18 Nov 2014: L1 and L2 with playlists

Reminder that Country Dance-Nai by Sirocco is not available on iTunes, and therefore not on this playlist. You can purchase the CD here.

20 November 2014

wait for it..15 Nov 2014: L1 Week 2 and L2 Week 8 w/playlist

The two songs at the end of class, Country Dance-Nai and Country Dance-Arghool, are not available on iTunes, so I couldn't add them to the playlist. They are part of a four-song suite on Sirocco Vol. 1.

17 November 2014

Lyrics to Bounce

Thank you Sofia Salazar-Rubio for researching the lyrics for Bounce from the CD Opium Head by Jeremiah Soto and Solace.

And as you may recall, we made a choreography for Bounce, so that we could "nail" the emphatic parts of the song. Here's the link to that blog post.

Sofia says, "Apparently, the lyrics are a poem by 17th Century Pakistani Sufi poet Bulleh Shah.

Not sure the title of the poem, but here are the lyrics with translation."

Diva Bal Ke Mita Le Hanera Ni
(Light a candle and extinguish the darkness)

Kulli Vichon Ni Yaar Lab Le
(Find your beloved in his dwelling)

O Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage
(Don't be proud of your wealth, you'll never tire of accumulating it)

Vei Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage
Khara Khota Tu Parakheya Jaave Pave Sharif De Aage
(You keep inspecting to see what is real and what is fake)

Vei Khara Khota Tu Parakheya Jaave Pave Saraf De Aage

O Bolo Poora Tolo Poora Sat Sirre Tere Lage
(Practice what you preach, weigh the truth, beware that it does not come back to haunt you)

O Bolo Poora Tolo Poora Sat Sirre Tere Lage
Bulleh Shah Tu Kaudi Ho Ja Vatta Mul Na Lage
(Bulleh Shah become worthless so that you cannot be appraised)

Kulli  Vichon Ni Yaar Lab Le
(Find your beloved in his dwelling)