15 May 2009

FCBD Fundraiser for Devotion!

We can't seem to get the attention of any big name funders, so we are creating our own FCBD Fundraiser items for Devotion! We have yummy Dagoba Chocoalte in four flavors for $5 a bar...
Mints (use the empty tin for bindis when you've enjoyed all the mints!) $5 per tin..

And wine, a fine merlot from NorthWest Cellars, in two different labels for $30 a bottle. (We can't ship this, so you'll have to come and get it at the studio or the Devotion show.)
You can order the mints and chocolate at the FCBD Store...oh, and the girls are not for sale!

14 May 2009

Crafting an ATS Set at Tribal Fest

This is a new workshop for festivals, my current favorite; Crafting An ATS Set.
It's based on the popular L4 class at the FCBD Studio. I ask an experienced group of students (my class helpers at this event: (Suzanne, Bonnie, Politti and Sooz) to create a set on the spot and present it to the class. I then explain to the students my method of structuring a set in a three step process. They get to dance to the music for "orientation", then they discuss who will dance to what and "rehearse" and finally the groups "perform" for each other.
The helpers then help the groups as they progress.

The dancers took turns being the "audience" and being the performers.
Group One.
Group Two..
Group Three...
Group Four! Total success!

10 May 2009

Tuesday Tattoo

I was able to get an appointment at Tuesday Tattoo!
The estimable Mr. Jesse Tuesday presiding.
The shop.
The set up.

After; the finished product!

04 May 2009

Day 6-the flood

Well, we had a flash flood at the Devyani Studio yesterday. We were 3 hours into the second day of Teacher Training for ATS and had stopped for lunch. It was raining really hard with sideways wind and tornado warnings. All of a sudden there was a leak through one of the back doors. We started to stop it up with towels and then the other door just gushed in. There was 4" of mud and water completely covering the studio floor within a minute.
It was shocking and scary.
We managed to unplug things and get the costuming up off the floor, but every thing else is lost; flooring, fixtures, carpet-gone.
Apparently, a construction site on the hill behind the building had inadvertently caused a "dam" where the water collected. When the pressure became too great, it burst and sent all the water downhill at once.
Devyani Dance Studio will have to close until they can regroup. Please send healing energy.
It's still raining now and my flight is at 9am. There is no strong wind though, so that's hopeful. Fingers crossed that I make it through Chicago and back to SF (around 5pm.)
Please visit Devyani to see how you can help.