31 January 2010

There but, for the blond hair and long legs, go I

I want to thank Hollywood for their generosity in casting me as Kate Winslet in the movie, Revolutionary Road.
Not much to say. It captured what I would have experienced if I had been a housewife in the 1950's. I would have gone insane, aborted an unwanted child and risked my own life to get out of my surroundings.

Luckily, I was born in 1960 (this time around) and had the forethought to decide not to have children before I entered the breeder team. I had a compassionate mother who didn't press me into "service." She told me that I should have a child if I wanted and absolutely not feel obligated to have a child if I did not.

I might have been able to live though my character's situation if I had given the gift of ignorance. And, jumping to the defense, I don't mean that women who are comfortable in the role of wife and mother are such. I mean that for me, the only salvation would be not knowing.

This feels incomplete and I'm sure I will have more to say late, but just wanted to get this out there. It means a lot to me.

10 January 2010

my interview in the San Francisco Chronicle

I love that it's in the BUSINESS section. Let's party.


07 January 2010

New tattoo in the works


If only all tattooing could be as easy as the back ...