24 July 2013

Look who visited me...

In February, I was paid a visit by Dominique Herrera. She's 16 years old (she was born after ATS®!) and lives in Quito, Ecuador. I was happy to give her an interview for a school presentation.

23 July 2013


...with Kathleen Crowley for my wedding suit fabric.

18 July 2013

16 July 2013

backstage at Devotion, in pictures

There's nothing quite like seeing your production on the theater marquee.

 The cast have a silly moment after a day of rehearsal.

SuperKate and I compare our differences, along with our similarities.

Back at the FCBD® Studio, we learn about the influences that Teresa Tomb and Rakadu Gypsy Dance are inspired by.

Megha breaks down the Devyani Vol. 9 combos.

Malia DeFelice teaches us about Tunisian Dance.

 Loretta and I experience the fabulous Sister Studio Quilt gifted to us from Deanna Freeman of Devyani Dance Co.

the short Solo class was really fun!

Aisha - City Of Love Maya's Theme - Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love Bounce - Opium Head 8 Pluto In Capricorn (I See Beyond the Black Sun) - I See Beyond the Black Sun Shimmabulous - The Dancing Drum, Vol. 2

08 July 2013

Happy Birthday to His Holiness Dalai Lama 6 Jul 2013!!

We had 3 great classes on Saturday.
In L1 Fundamentals we covered the Week 6*:Shimmy and Circle Step. It's been a learning curve, coming back to teach Basic classes, and I have to be really creative and time-oriented in order to get all the info out in a way that's understandable to new dancers.
In L2 Combinations we looked

*Yes, I managed to mix up Weeks 4, 5 and 6! I taught Week 4 on Tues, then Week 5 on Sat, then Week 6 on the following Tues....argh! It was brought to my attention at the end of Tues/W6 that I had failed to repeat W4 and W5 on their respective days. So I followed through with W6 on Sat and will flip flop W5 on Tues and W4 on Sat and then we'll be back on track! Apologies :)

03 July 2013

SF Gay Pride!

Days before Pride weekend was set to begin in San Francisco, the Supreme Court of the United States announced they were lifting the ban on same-sex marriages. As I am set to marry my love, Loretta, in Sep of this year, you can imagine what a great weekend it was for us!

Class notes: 29 Jun 2013

I realize that I can't decipher everything on these note pages...don't know what makes sense to you dear reader, and what doesn't...so, post a question if you have one and I'll gladly expand on the topic!