21 March 2014

What does a world-famous belly dancer do on her day off?

I meditate while I make a variety of items for donation to animal rescue organizations.

The day started out watching the movie Gandhi. It was on TV during the Oscars. Since it came out in 1982, I have watched it a least a dozen times, and I was delighted to watch it one more time. I see more each time I watch it. It set the tone for a 7-hour day of reflection.

 With my trusty Singer, I finished up two coats for a pair of rescued goats on the East Coast.
 I put the finishing touches on several joey sacks for orphaned marsupials in Australia.
 Tiny nests for birds and small mammals in the Northwest.

And later, here are Posha and Goliath, wearing their coats.

To work is to pray.

20 Mar: L3

18 March 2014

Bold As Brass-Nakarali

Hi All,
If you haven't seen the new Nakarali Bold As Brass collection, head on over to www.nakarali.com.

We have amazing new designs that are both luscious and very affordable, due to the magic of brass, designer Colleena Shakti and the artisans in India. We've priced them individually and in "collections" so you can get a little or a lot. We recommend a lot.

Here's a photo from the Tribal Roots show at Club f8 last Friday, produced by DJ Amar. I used two necklaces for a belly drape, as well as a stack of bangles and giant hoop earrings (the kind that can be a wrist bangle or pop open for gauged ears.)

And here are some shots from the Bold As Brass launch party on 8 Mar at the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio in San Francisco.

10 March 2014

8 Mar L3: Kaman Song

Here's a choreography for Kaman Song by Dikanda. 
As we started warming up to it, I realized that I really don't care for the song. It's not that I dislike it, but it just doesn't move me.
In this instance it was requested by a student. FCBD@ has performed to it...and then too, it was requested by a troupe member. You can see it at TribalFest 2012. Just not my kind of song. Regardless, here's what we came up with in class. It took both Thu and Sat L3 to complete the process. I tip my hat to the students, who did the lion's share of the work. I just added a few tweaks to keep it simple.