19 February 2013

1 day and counting...

OK folks, I'm shredded.

I have been working on the Kickstarter campaign (with the help of Jennifer Nolan of Tamarind Tribal and Deanna Padron Freeman of Devyani) for the last six months. We launch tomorrow, 20 Feb at 9am PST.

I feel like I have been chasing my tail since 1 Jan; my time looks like this ...

wake up drink tea check email answer immediate emails archive anything that requires thought (you know who you are, apologies) check FCBD® facebook page check carolena.nericcio facebook page check Devotion facebook page outline a topic for the Blog write something clever on FCBD® facebook page post an engaging comment on carolena.nericcio facebook see how many more people (fingers crossed) have accepted invitation on Devotion facebook where is the cat?! say good bye to Loretta and the cat drive to the FCBD® Studio say hello to Kae and Julie find out what's going on brainstorm solutions to the current problem answer phone explain that I can't have a coherent conversation right now but can I help with something anyway? drink tea stretch briefly before sitting back down at the keyboard Skype with Megha about the ATS® book project outline ideas get overwhelmed set a follow-up date for the next convo answer more emails check FCBD® facebook page check carolena.nericcio facebook page check Blog for comments eat tinkle get ready for weekly check-in phone call with Jen and Deanna about KickStarter feel impotent because I can't get enough done in one day thank Jen and Deanna greet students as they arrive for class try to appear calm and professional despite rabid chipmunk running on wheel in my head update fcbd.com accept invitation to high profile gig feel better momentarily check email feel overwhelmed again drive home to Loretta and the cat ask Loretta about her day tell her about my day pet the cat pour glass of wine pour another glass of wine put on PJs get in bed read a few pages sleep ... start again

Tomorrow my Blog will move to Kickstarter where you'll be able to read my daily posts for the duration of the fundraiser (20 Feb-20 Mar) once you make a pledge and claim your reward. The pledges range from $10 to $5000 (for the truly compassionate, one of the pledges provides me with Peace of Mind.) I hope you love the rewards too, because I'm really excited about them I tried to create rewards that I would want if I were you. Please pledge early because if we get enough attention, KickStarter will flag us as a success story and put us on the main page. You don't pay for the pledge until we reach our goal of $20,000 so you aren't out-of-pocket for another month, if you're budgeting around a show or fundraiser.
Please join me on KickStarter tomorrow and thanks for your support!

uh huh, that's right

I count myself and FC BD® as the lucky few that have rings made by Bill Lenz ... maker of the SO NS of Anarchy rings ...

15 February 2013

*how* many Devotion fundraisers?!

Yes, read that sentence with an emphatic how many?

I am just floored at the amount of support that is being generated for our Devotion KickStarter!
Have a look at all of the events so far, and do let me know if you have one to be listed here as well.

Tribal Wonderland! in Pine River, MN
In our humble efforts to raise funds and awareness for the 2013 Devotion® Kickstarter campaign, this year at Tribal Wonderland! in Pine River, MN, an all ATS® workshop weekend hosted by Gaia Sophia featuring Anita Lalwani and Sofia Tribal, we are holding a raffle for two gift baskets. These baskets will include items donated by Sister Studios Breana Larson, Noelle Anderson and Gaia Sophia, as well as event vendors and instructors. During the raffle drawing at the Tribal Wonderland! Super Show, Anita and Sofia Tribal will speak on behalf of Devotion and the Kickstarter campaign. February 22-24th nebukatribal.webs.com/tribal-wonderland-2013

Our very own Fundraiser for the Fundraiser
FatChanceBellyDance® presents Belly Dance Super Stars CLUB BELLY DANCE featuring Maria, Gina Bruno, Rose Harden, Paige Lawrence and Wild Card Bellydance!
Fri 1 Mar, 7:30pm
Brava Theater 2789 24th Street , San Francisco, CA 94110

Info: http://www.bellydancesuperstars.com
Buy Tickets

Jennifer Nolan and Tamarind Tribal will be hosting their Devotion fundraiser on Sunday, March 3rd at East Towne ballrooms in Milwaukee WI. The fundraiser includes a skirt work class from 1-3pm, followed by a dance party from 3-5pm. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Devotion Kickstarter campaign! For more info, please visit www.tamarindtribalbellydance.com/id123.html

Saturday, March 9, 2013 12:00pm until 2:00pm in CST

unda FCBD® ATS troupe wants to help Fat Chance and Carolena put on Devotion. So we are hosting a fundraising party! We will watch the new Devtion DVD and have snacks and maybe, yes just maybe, dance a bit! Watch this space for more details!
$10 donation requested.

BlueDiamondsBellyDance Devotion Kickoff Party!

Sat 16 Mar, 10pm-2am

DJ Amar and guest artists Jill Parker, Zoe Jakes, Elizabeth Strong, Kami Liddle, Sooz, Olu, Calamity Sam, Wendy Marlatt, Kae Montgomery, Kimberly Mackoy, Red Lotus
, what a line-up!
Bissap Baobab Village, 3372 19th St, SF CA

Info: http://www.electricvardo.com
And: www.facebook.com/events/394327720661494/?fref=ts

March 16th at 7:00PM Devyani Dance Co. in Birmington, AL
Come see performances by some of our best local talent including: Deyvani Dance Company, Firefly Tribal (Devyani's student troupe), Petit Jamilah and the Arabesque Dancers, Notinee Indian Dance, Zivah Saphira and more.  We're still adding acts to the lineup!
Ticket info will be available very soon at http://www.devyani.net

Tribal Mafia in Russia has translated our Devotion postcard

And another Russian party!

Debra Lee Designs is donating 25% of Cosmetic Sales

Tribal Nation interview with Yours Truly

13 February 2013

Tribal Nation interviews Carolena about Devotion

Hi All,
Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and join me at Tribal Nation to see an interview with Yours Truly about Devotion. Thanks to Keli Medcroft!

02 February 2013

My, I've missed chatting with you. Traveling took so much out of me, mentally and physically, that I just couldn't muster up anything to say.

I'm so glad to be back home, but I want to stay in touch. I thought we could start anew with a dialogue about my upcoming show, Devotion 2013-The Family Tree. We hope to present the fifth Devotion on Friday 14 June 2013. The location is the Julia Morgan Theater in Berkeley, CA.

You may ask, if we are based in San Francisco why are we presenting at a theater in Berkeley? I'll be telling you about that in posts to come. I'll also be telling you about why putting on a show in the SF Bay Area is such a unique challenge. You'll be riding shotgun with me through the whole thing.


In 18 days, we'll be launching the crowd-funding campaign for Devotion 2013-The Family Tree on KickStarter, a crowd-funding site.
I'm really excited about the idea of community funding for this project, because we are a community and I want my world-wide family to be a part of this show, even if you can't be here in person for the event on 14 Jun 2013.

While we are putting the finishing touches on KickStarter, I've got some info for you now.
First, please enjoy this video. Share it with everyone! You'll be seeing an expanded version when the KickStarter campaign launches, with commentary from yours truly.

Today's treat is from Debra Lee® Cosmetics. Visit Debra Lee's website for great make-up and cosmetics designed especially for dancers. 25% of your purchase will help to fund Devotion!

You can also connect with Devotion on FaceBook. Although you apparently can't connect with me, but that's another blog post!

So glad to see you again.
All the best,