28 July 2014

26 Jul 2014; L1, L2 and L3 Crafting An ATS® Set

What a day!
Dance Fundamentals L1 was a home run! We covered Bodywave, Arabic and Trios and left no stone unturned.
Tribal Combination L2, a study in elegance; the Propeller and Corkscrew Turns.
Drills/Improv L3, real life planning as we Crafted An ATS® Set.

As always, let me know your thought so I know you're out there...

25 July 2014

15 Jul 2014; L3 deeper bodywave, strong arm 123, waterpot w/playlist

We explored the concept of a "deeper" bodywave, something between and deep bodywave and a layback.
For the strong arm and variations 123, we made sure the hands were lyrical throughout, because not much is happening with the body.
And the water pot, well, we tried not to fall over!
As always, let me know your thoughts so I know that you are out there...

19 July 2014

Sister Studio Survey part 2

Sister Studio Survey part 2

Hi everyone, Terri here again.  In my previous note about the Sister Studio Survey, I shared information with you about the survey results.  The survey was extremely helpful to us at FCBD®.  Thank you to the Sister Studios for taking time to complete it.  We take your input very seriously and have been working hard since we got the results this winter to provide you with new opportunities for continued training and to develop responses to your requests. 

I am going to go bullet by bullet to tell you how we are responding to your feedback!

You told us what you wanted FCBD® to do to support you in your TEACHING.  You made the following suggestions:

Offer online classes
If you haven’t heard about the Powhow classes yet, then you have to visit the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio on Powhow right now! We have published Level 1 and Level 2 classes and Monthly Membership packages.  We are working on adding Level 3 classes and a Level 3 Monthly Membership.  Share your ideas with us at fcbd@fcbd.com if there is a particular class you are looking for.  We want to bring the FCBD® studio to YOU!

Ability to video classes of yourself teaching and have them critiqued
Many of you are interested in having feedback on your teaching skills.  Carolena has always offered this in her 1:1 sessions, but maybe we haven’t always been clear that you could meet with her for that kind of feedback.  Carolena loves helping you with your teaching skills.  You can schedule a private lesson with her via Powhow

More FCBD® workshops in Europe
Since Carolena has been staying a bit closer to home, trying only to travel once a month, FCBD® instructors are making their rounds across the world.  Please let us know if you want to schedule a workshop by emailing fcbd@fcbd.com.  Additionally, Carolena and Megha will be offering 2 international General Skills and Teacher Training Intensives annually.   Finally, Megha is interested in travelling to Europe primarily in the summer months to teach.  Please let us know if you would like her to come for your event.

Specialty training for SS
Carolena and Megha have created several new programs for advanced training for Sister Studios.  Visit the Tribal Pura Int'l web site to find all of the details.

Workshops geared toward teachers
Nearly 100% of the Sister Studios are currently teaching.  Many of you asked for help with teaching whether 1:1 feedback, workshops or an annual conference.   We are responding to your request in several ways.  First, Megha will be offering a “Teaching Tips” blog.  You can ask her your questions (anonymously if you wish) and she will respond in her column.  Additionally, Carolena will be creating more workshops that allow you to explore teaching dynamics.  Finally, now that we have an annual conference established (ATS® Homecoming), we will add workshops addressed at helping dancers become better teachers.

Instructional books like new companion guide
Carolena is delighted to get such positive feedback on the first companion guide, American Tribal Style® Classic, Vol. 1.  More are on the way!

Advanced skills training
Carolena has been pretty public about her support for this idea.  You have been quite emphatic about wanting advanced training.  Check our web site for more details about the new Advanced Teacher Training.

17 July 2014

Sister Studio Survey part 1

Hi All,
Terri Allred, Business Consultant for FatChanceBellyDance® wants to talk to you about the results of the Sister Studio Survey that many of you completed for us this past winter. Terri, take it away!


Hi everyone,
This winter, many of the FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studios completed a survey for us.  You answered a variety of questions about your training, teaching and other dance certifications.  Most importantly, you gave us valuable feedback about what you wanted from FatChanceBellyDance®. 

In the next couple of days, you will find the full story about how we are responding to your suggestions in the July/August issue of Zaghareet! Magazine.  It is in the mail right now!  Until you receive your copy, I thought it would be useful to share some of the important information that we gathered in the survey.  If you don’t subscribe to Zaghareet! here is the link to get your subscription- http://zaghareet.freeservers.com/magazine.html

Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey.  A whopping 80% of Sister Studios responded, giving me a really great picture of what is happening with you.  Here are some interesting nuggets:

Participation in Intensive Trainings:

All of the Sister Studios have taken General Skills one time, although 18% have taken GS two or more times.

All of the Sister Studios have taken Teacher Training one time, although 8% have taken TT two or more times.

Only about 1/3 of you have taken The Business of ATS®.

Most of the Sister Studios would like to take GS and TT again, but have not done so because you could not afford it.

Dancers who attended multiple times, did so because of the following reasons:
Too much to absorb at once
Different goals each time (e.g., first time through was fine tuning steps, second time was looking for concepts to apply across all movements)
Refresher to stay current
Take the presentation of Carolena’s vision seriously


Everyone who completed the survey teaches (or have taught 8%) ATS®. 

Most folks rent space (58%) although 12% own their own studio.  17% teach out of their home.

Only 18% of respondents report that dance related activities are their primary source of income.

Most respondents teach workshops outside of their normal class schedule (70%).

Most of you stay regularly connected to the Mothership.  This is how:

    FCBD® Forum- 17%
    Director’s Cut Blog-    17%
    Fireside ChATS®- 14%
    FCBD® workshops- 13%
    Facebook- 19%
    FCBD® newsletter- 16%

You told us what you wanted FCBD® to do more to support you in your TEACHING.  You suggested:

Offer online classes
Ability to video classes of me teaching and have them critiqued
More FCBD® workshops in Europe
Specialty training for SS
Workshops geared toward teachers
Annual teachers workshop
Instructional books like new companion guide
Advanced skills training-mentioned MANY times
Big FCBD® SS convention
Biggest support is taking FCBD® classes
Workshops on how to teach more effectively- also a popular suggestion
Info on how you teach classes at FCBD®- drills, other intangibles
Seen lots of mention of a new format- gratitude, posture, formations
Thanks for sharing your ideas on the blog
Online school similar to Datura
Further certification
Drill videos intended for instructors
Have to take certain number of workshops a year to maintain certification

You shared what you wanted FCBD® to do to support you in your BUSINESS-
Easy access to logos and brands
Class posters/business card templates
Discounted merchandise for SS (not just wholesale discounts)
Mention local SS events in FCBD® newsletter (and offer a place on web to post)
Want to have FCBD® postcards and info cards in studio, but can’t afford them
Business consulting in addition to Tribal Council
More certification opportunities
Help marketing the SS status

Stay tuned for the Sister Studio Survey part 2 to hear how we are responding to your needs!


15 Jul; Dance Fundamentals L1 Week 3 Zils!

I always have mixed feelings about teaching Zils on Week 3. I love playing my zils and dancing at the same time, but I do remember how vexing it was when I first encountered the concept as a student.
But this class went really well! It progressed like this:
  1. Meet your Zils
  2. It's good to wear your Zils while dancing with the Slow Steps so you can get used to wearing them and allow the heavy thumb and middle finger to create a graceful hand.
  3. RLR- pattern while walking 
  4. RLR-pattern in arm cycling exercise to Baladi Unplugged
  5. RLR- pattern while dancing in Egyptian Basic and 1/2 Turn
There were some confused looks during the class, but when the fog lifted everyone admitted that it was fun. Or, would be fun at some point in the future!

Tribal Combinations L2 was good as well. It was Week 3, Chorus and Reach & Sit. I really believe that once you've made it through L3W3, you have all the concepts that you need to understand ATS®. After that it's just more steps and refinement.
Let me know your thoughts!

07 July 2014

5 Jul: L1L2 and playlist

Hi All, thanks for leaving comments so I know you are out there! Please continue to add a comment when the mood strikes you; questions, feedback and ideas are always welcome. Let me know if you use the Playlists and how that experience works on your end. On my end, it's epic!

05 July 2014

2 Jul; L3 and playlist

Hi All, this was a really exciting class...hard to put it onto words because it was so visual. The amazing mechanics of the ultimate arm undulation; pulling down on the upper trapezius as the arm rotates and lifts, depressing the shoulder blade and starting the next rotation as the arm drops just before it completes the drop..wild!

Plus, how to work with a masterly piece of music with lots of texture and how to create texture with a rather simple piece of music.

If you are reading my Blog, please leave a comment so I know you are out there! Thanks.