28 May 2014

Sevillanas Shell Game!

On Saturday 24 May, we created a new Movement Dialect; a cue, formation and combo using the Egyptian Sevillanas Step. 

You can find the Sevillanas Step on Tribal Basics Vol. 9 Anatomy of a Step.

We created a cue for the step, by looking over your left shoulder on 1. That helped me to feel more confident about the Sevillanas, since it explodes out of a Basic Egyptian without any warning!

Then we looked at the formation that we call The Shell Game. You can see where it came from in both the Camel Passing Trio and the Choo-choo Arc Arm on Vol. 9 as well.

Lastly, we added 4 Sevillanas to create the combo and viola! A Movement Dialect is born!
The combo consists of one Sev to face in, one Sev as you step a little closer towards the other two dancers, one Sev for the first pass and one Sev for the last path.

Note that stepping toward the circle differentiates from taking the Sev in a circle to the right-for that we take a step away from the other dancers.

It was a truly collaborative effort. Everyone contributed and although there was a chaos of ideas and voices flying around, no one freaked out because we all felt heard (the mediator in me... :)

You can see the combo and the circling in the video below. Enjoy!


Diana Lee said...

Ohh wow!! Love it!! and the cue also helps me a lot. Thank you for the video.

Eureka Floyd said...

Creativity,creation,comunication <3 Love it! Thank you!!

Eureka Floyd said...

Creativity,creation,comunication <3 Love it! Thank you!!

Kristophe Al Tzigani said...

Hi teacher!!!! Is really cute, but the cue por the shell game, is looking to the left side? or it is for the turn the wheel? thans for sharing

Chayo said...