01 May 2014

29 Apr; L1&L2 Week 5


Rachel Fisher said...

Hi Carolena - I was in your class this recent Elevation festival. You taught the class the analogy about the house and the front yard and the audience. It was beautiful. I cannot remember it exactly - but I know it taught me a great deal about the dance. I am writing a blog for an online literary magazine challenging ideals of beauty and festival culture. I would love to reference your analogy, in your words, and credit your teaching - if you would be moved to write me back - I would so appreciate it! My website: www.compassionate-meidicne.com and my email is rachfish96@gmail.com

Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman said...

Hi Rachel, the post that tells the ATS® House story is here:


Diana Lee said...

Hello Carolena,

I want to thank you for posting all these class notes. They help me a lot when it comes to planing my classes.

I have them all printed and organized in a binder. These note are invaluable. Keep them coming :)