07 June 2014

L1 Week 3, L2 Week 9 and L3 Sevillanas Shell Game update with Playlist and Video

We made some changes to the Sevillanas Shell Game because it was to clunky with 5 Sevs.
Now there are 3 Sevs. One as the leader cues and turns 1 1/2 times to face the followers in the circle, one as everyone starts the Shell Game, and one as everyone resets. This made it more bouncy and active. Video below, please enjoy!

The two songs listed in the class notes that are not available for the Playlist are:
Arabian Nights by Hossam Ramzy
Encuentros Final by Jose` Heredia Maya


Nancy Young said...

Hi, Carolena,
I've looked for Arabian Nights by Hossam Ramzy, but all that turns us us Arabian Knights (from cd Baladi Plus). It's 8 1/2 minutes long. Is that the song you're referring to? Thanks for help!

Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman said...

Hi Nancy, yes that's it! Arabian Nights from Baladi Plus.

Nancy Young said...

Thanks, Carolena; good to know! What was confusing me is that the song title is spelled "Knights" on my copy of the cd. Maybe "K" was a typo on the cd info.