21 April 2014

Carolena in paradise

I'm going to expand on this topic when I write "the book", but for now, here's a thought:

When I was in high school, math was my worst subject. Oh no, wait, physical education and math were my worst subjects.

When I got home from school I would go into my room and sew...and dance. Hmm, no one ever told be that sewing was geometry and dance was exercise.

So, here I am; world famous dancer, sewing Bessie skirts and happy as can be.

Oh, and for the math tutor that told me she was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make it in the world...I OWN THE FRIGGIN' BUSINESS!


Gudrun said...

you rock :)

Clams Montecito said...

Hahahaha! I love stories like this so much.

I was a slacker hippy in school who was told I'd never eventuate to much, and now I'm a project manager and consultant at a Fortune 500 company.

The teacher who told me that is still in the same small town, doing the same job after all these years.

Two words: SUCK IT!

rhiannyn said...

Carolena, this is so excellent for several reasons, not the least of which is, as Gudrun said, you rock in so many areas, but also:

1. As a Teacher-Librarian, these are exactly the types of stories we hope to hear about, even with all our nay-saying ;)

2. We nay-say for a couple of reasons...
a. We want you to rebel and say, "Really? Ya well, watch this bitch." or as Clams said, "Suck it!" We're hoping for a reverse psychology effect... especially with those students with whom we see the ability, but for some reason there seems to be a *meh* attitude in place. (Y'all are worrisome and frustrating ;P)

b. We truly are worried for your future. Truly, we are.

Clams, the fact that your teacher is still in the same place doing the same thing, means nothing more than that is what she chooses in life. Or her circumstances are such that she is prevented from moving elsewhere.
I had an 'opportunity' decision to make once: get out of Dodge or stay put. I stayed put for family reasons. If that opportunity presented itself again, I would get out of Dodge. We all make decisions based on what is happening in our life, at the time.

Both of you can be proud that your teacher was wrong, and that you went on to be much greater than her expectations of you. :)

Bobbi Lambertson said...

OMG! right on Carolena!

Joanna Ashleigh said...

All of a sudden I REALLY can't wait to get my Bessie skirt in the mail. It was lovely having you in Colorado for a while. See you soon. ~Joanna

Madonna DrumDance said...

I hated sport at school too and had no desire to dance as a child like most girls do. Accidentally found Bellydance at age 27 & 22 years later it is my life's obsession. Thank you Carolena, FCBD & Music of the Ghawazee & Musicians of the Nile xxx

Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman said...

Respectfully, I didn't and don't need anyone from the school faculty to worry about me if they don't bother to get to know me. I was sewing and thereby teaching myself geometry in my bedroom while being failed in school. Kids will survive. Kids will learn what they need to learn. Judging us against a template is what holds us back.