11 February 2011

Vidal Sassoon

As I drove home last night, I listened to a Fresh Air interview with Vidal Sassoon. As you may remember Sassoon revolutionized hair with the "shake and go" cut, as he saw styling and spraying as working against the natural bone structure of the face. The cut became known as "The Sassoon" and was wildly copied (..does this sound familiar?) When host Terry Gross asked him if he felt threatened or resented being copied, Sassoon replied that he was flattered by the imitations (..are you following me here?)

In Sassoon's own words:

"You either create something and you keep it a secret and you die with it, [or] you can benefit the craft," he says. "And in essence ... you're doing something for fashion worldwide. I think that's so much more important — it's something that you leave behind that you probably will be remembered for."

(..Uh huh, I couldn't agree more!)


Katharina said...

you must be the cosmic twin ;-)

belly dance said...

I think it's beautiful that this spoke to you. Your incredible gift to the world had to be shared, and subsequently, imitated. You are certainly entitled to feeling flattered by that. :)

Ginney said...

Well said Vidal!

Ginney said...

Well said Vidal!