03 February 2011

Folk Art

Today I discovered a new exhibit at SFO. It's from the collection at the Santa Fe Museum of International Folk Art.

Folk Art makes me swoon! It works for me on so many levels.

Enjoy these trunks, briefcases and lunch boxes made from food cans, by an artist in Senegal.

I'll post a new photo each time I come to the airport. Cheers!

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Herbatka said...

I like that :-)I also find the "trashion" movement (fashion made with recycled materials, re-using of old clothes and making something funky with it)very interesting. As for Senegal - people in Africa seem to be very resourceful - not only artists, "average" people, too (probably out of plain necessity). When I was at the Ivory Coast (it was before the horrible civil war started there) I saw them sell even empty toothpaste tubes at the market. Not idea what they used them for. It made me think about how careless we in the "western world" are, how much we waste without even one thought about it. But I still haven't found any use for an empty toothpaste tube ;-)