09 February 2011

..and speaking of Folk Art..

I got an email yesterday from Mel Walsh in Newcastle, Australia:

"Hi, I'm an Australian ATS bellydancer from Newcastle NSW (I visited SF 5 yrs ago for camp Kosmos and did a private class with Carolena). I have also taken to designing crochet dolls as a hobby and have designed one based on an ATS dancer, thought if any of your students are into crochet or craft they would love her. I have the completed doll in my shop at the moment but will be soon posting a pattern for making her. She would make a lovely troupe mascot and I thought of FCBD immediately. Here is the link if any of your girls are interested."

Go here to see more of the doll: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67685065/ats-bellydancer-crochet-doll-carolena

Here is the description:
"Meet Carolena, she's an ATS (American Tribal Style) bellydancer that will appeal to big and little girls alike.

Carolena has a spinning skirt and tassel belt, a choli (that ties at the back), zills on her fingers, a coin bra effect, some dreadlocks and gerberas in her hair.

...however the pattern will be also available soon.

She stands approx 30cm (12 inches) tall.

Carolena is handmade to my own design, crochet with 8 ply acrylic yarn and polyfill stuffing, the silk gerberas aren't crochet but are included with the doll.."

Thanks Mel! I am honored to be immortalized in yarn!


Herbatka said...

Complete with superb lashes and coin bra ;-PP

Foodycat said...

How clever! I particularly like the zills.

katie said...

Okay, let's see some knitted tattoos now....

rhiannyn said...

lol @ Katie :)
she is adorable! and she'd be perfect in my doll collection... i see yet another project on my horizon!
thank you for sharing her :)

Cobalt Deirdre said...

Świetna maskotka ^^ podoba mi się.. coś niespotykanego :) chyba by mi się przydała.. też jestem tancerką belly dance :)