19 June 2009

Devotion: Weaving the Fabric

All photos here by © michele sieglitz, lilblackcat productions (our awesome video editor!)
That's my arm holding onto Wendy! Our Spinning Still.. piece.
The brilliant and beautiful Teresa Tomb from Rakadu in KY.

Sandi and Wendy from FCBD.
Megha and Marci from Devyani in AL.
Our student troupe, Red Lotus from FCBD.

Colleena, stunning.

It's me.
Me, again. Lots of costume changes in this show!
Anita et al, from FCBD.


Herbatka said...

Beautiful pictures, and oh - the colors, the gestures cuptured - wonderful :-))) Will there be a DVD from this show? I'd love to see this one.

Foodycat said...

How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures!

Ottavina said...

I'm really hoping for a DVD on this one. It looks wonderful. Congratulations on another successful "Devotion".

BonnieMargay said...

Ah, thank you so much for sharing these, gorgeous!