30 June 2009

at Kryolan

Kryolan is the premier stage make-up company in San Francisco. We went there the other day to get lashes. You see here my purchase of 8 (!!) pairs of perfection. If I buy them at a regular store, I have to layer several together to get what I need. But here..they speak my language.
When we walked in, it triggered a memory. When I was getting ready for my first performance...33 years ago!..my teacher, Masha, told me to, "Go to the Kryolan store and get a box of grease paints." Here they are, but they weren't in plastic tubes back then, just wrapped in foil.
So, my first experience with stage make-up was a box of grease paints consisting of black, red, brown, white and yellow. Having no experience with any sort of make-up, let alone stage make-up, Masha helped me "put my face on" and I didn't recognize the dancer in the mirror when she was finished.
More lashes on display.
A sophisticated palette.
Yet more lashes to choose from!


Amy said...

Whoa, hello, I think I just drooled on my keyboard. Love the colors!

Herbatka said...

As I person who doesn't put much make-up on face on the everyday basis I really dread stage make up because it seems to make me a completeley different person and not really me - but lashes - lashes are a different story - they are like instant beauty pills :-PP Everyone looks gorgeous with them. But my favourite part of the stage make-up is drawing the moon sign (lunula) on my forehead - I realy feel it gives me protection and strenght for the dance :-)