09 August 2013

On-line classes vs Skype lessons?

Hi All,
Help me to understand the brain of the ATS® consumer!

It seemed like everyone wanted private Skype lessons, so we set that up.
Now people are telling me that they want On-line classes instead of Skype lessons.
On-line classes won't be ready until the end of the year.

What is the difference, in your mind, between the two? Because maybe I don't understand what it is that you want.

In my mind, a private Skype lesson is and On-line Class that is created especially for you, live and in person.
An On-line class is a pre-recorded class that you watch, sort of like a DVD, but streaming and more up-to-date than the Tribal Basics series.

Is it the price? A private Skype lesson is $100/hr with me, $75/hr with the FCBD® teachers and there's a deal on a package of classes. Info is here.

I'm not sure how much the streaming On-line Classes will be, but likely $15 per class (like a drop-in class at the FCBD® Studio)  or $72 for six classes (as if you had bought a class card at $12 per class.)

I'll create whatever you want, I'm just not sure I know what it is!


Clams Montecito said...

I don't have the right setup for Skype classes but online classes would be good as a long at the camera angle and video quality are right.

Will you be teaching them, Carolena?

Carolena Nericcio said...

Yes, I will be teaching the On-line Classes as well as the private Skype Lessons.

Unknown said...

Hi Carolena. I really like the youtube tutorials you all have posted where we can drill with a Fat Chance dancer, especially how they are looking away from the camera. It makes it much easier to follow. (I wish vol. 9 drills were like this.) So, I would be more inclined to purchase an online class formatted like this.
Thank you. :)

poopoosurprise said...

For economic reasons, I would choose the online classes. :)

LunaLori said...

Hi Carolena!
Thank you for reaching out to all of us who cannot be there taking classes with you at the "Mother-ship".
For both economic and convenience reasons I would choose on-line classes. I'm only vaguely familiar with how Rachel Brice is offering classes through Datura On-line, but it seems very convenient and affordable. If your are familiar with that setup would the structure be something similar?
Hope my comment is helpful.

Tifferly said...

Being that I'm faaar away from teachers and classes, I think having both would make for a well-rounded regimen. I could subscribe to the online classes for regular practice and drilling, then have Skype lessons every so often for professional feedback.

Thank you so much for the options!

"Annakiya" said...

Hi Carolena!

I would give my "right Zill" hand to take private "Skype Lessons" from you, unfortunately for economic reasons I will have to opt for pre-recorded online classes...for now ;) Hugs & Shimmies

rhiannyn said...

Hi Carolena,
I take it you mean as a separate entity from the I'm Devoted Fundraising perks? As part of our ongoing learning efforts?
If so...
I'm with Tifferly on this one... I would do the online classes, and then when I felt it was time for a critique, or if we (my peeps & I) were having some difficulties with something, I would book a Skype session.

I am also loving the Drill Segments, and hope they continue, as they are a very useful component to the learning process.

Hope this helps :)

Amanda said...

It would be great if you could offer online classes like Suhaila does. Datura's classes are ok too but Suhaila's classes are filmed at real dance class. It's really nice to practise with those other students. :)

Mary Ann Benoit said...

Hi Carolena, thanks for asking! I would be most likely to use the online classes as you described because they are more affordable. Having the option to do Skype class once in a while would be great! I appreciate you considering offering these great options for us:) Mary Ann

Heather Emory said...

Online classes versus Skype lessons decision making comes down to budget every time. While I would love to take Skype lessons with anyone from FCBD I would never be able to afford it.

Etrusca Anamaya said...

My Skype is unreliable; goes out and gets interrupted by a variety of issues. Plus, I am not at the level of skill to request a private. Online classes at a drop-in or class-card rate would be perfect. Right now, Datura is unlimited monthly for $30, which is too much for me at my level. I have requested they do a "drop-in/class-card" rate; they have indicated they are working on something like that... Peace and Love, Etrusca Anamya

Cristina Hidalgo said...

Dear Carolena,

I have all your DVD's and study with them so I think I wouldn't very attracted to online classes but I would LOVE to take a private Skype lesson with you or one of the teachers of the studio for specific questions. I feel I could learn more this way.

Good luck!

Lisa Branner said...

Hi Carolena! I think there's a place for both types of online classes and am excited for the chance to study with you virtually! I use Datura Online a lot, and would love to take similarly formatted pre-recorded online classes with you - especially if they offer new or updated information that's not on the DVDs. Like many of the others who have commented, I could do this more frequently since the cost is less. I see the private Skype lessons as a once in a while kind of thing - the price would make it a rare treat. But what a great opportunity to get personal critique on technique so I can really polish things up!

rhiannyn said...

Hi Carolena,
I take it you mean as a separate entity from the I'm Devoted Fundraising perks? As part of our ongoing learning efforts?
If so...
I'm with Tifferly on this one... I would do the online classes, and then when I felt it was time for a critique, or if we (my peeps & I) were having some difficulties with something, I would book a Skype session.

I am also loving the Drill Segments, and hope they continue, as they are a very useful component to the learning process.

Hope this helps :)

Unknown said...

I have no access to a decent teacher where I am, so this is right up my alley.

I'm interested in online classes if all levels (from 1-4) are offered and new content is added regularly.

The Skype classes would be good every now and then for fine tuning areas that I'm not happy with, such as my arms or floorwork.

Carolena Nericcio said...

Thanks everyone, this was really helpful. it appears there are 3 option: private Skype lessons that are less expensive, pre-recorded on-line classes and live on-classes. I'll give all of these some thought.

Krisztina said...

Out of the options, I like skype lessons as my first choice followed by pre-recorded on-line classes as my second choice.

Kathrina said...

I would love to follow ATS classes regulary - but from time to time book a SKYPE lesson for more detailed and personal questions . I wish you a happy day!

Diana Lee said...

For me the on-line classes will work great! and yes also I feel the same once in a while the Skype Lesson for feed back and polishing. So Skype and any of the two either live online classes or pre-recorded

April said...

Throwing another "do both!" answer into the mix - online classes aren't just classes. If they're recorded so we can watch them over and over, they become an invaluable practice aid. I use the short segments Datura Online classes, for instance, as parts of my own practice. If I'm feeling lazy (more often than I'd like to admit), I can also just "do what I'm told" and follow along with a video lesson.

Skype/private lessons, on the other hand, are a way to grow as a dancer a TON in one session... but they require a lot more thought, preparation and follow through on our part as students. It's an investment - not just money but time and though.

Nancy Young said...

Hi, Carolena,
Hope I'm not too late to chime in. I would love to have the on-line classes available and would use them often. I would also encourage my own students to take them.

As for Skype, I don't have the equipment, and I find the idea a bit intimidating. I would prefer to use the money to visit your studio for classes in person. (Since I live in SoCal, this is a good option for me.) Maybe I'll find myself in one of the classes being filmed for on-line study, as Amanda suggested!

Heidi said...

I agree with most of the responses here.
1. Online classes recorded from actual live classes would be amazing! Yes yes yes! :)
2. Having the ability to still set up Skype class/mentoring when needed is also amazing.
3. Thoughts suggestions from me - Having specialty workshops discussing concepts, challenges, training made specifically for Sister Studio teachers. The later would be something I'd personally LOVE to have. As Sister Studios, we have been fortunate to have received the Teacher Trainings but having the ability to continue studying from you to grow within ourselves in order to be able to offer more to our students as they grow would fantastic! :D

Ziah McKinney-Taylor said...

I agree that I would love to see what a daily ATS class from Carolena looks like since that is something that I am unlikely to ever get to experience in person.

Anonymous said...

I love Datura's classes and would adore a pre recorded library of classes to use at home. I also use Skin Deep's online studio and like how they are actual classes. I think actual class is beneficial, because you can see it in an actual setting and I love Datura's style because you feel like it is focused on you (the viewer) not the live students. I really love both of them for the quality and camera angles. Facing away from the student (the same way as it is in a live class) makes it so much easier to follow and gives you an in class experience. I tired one class of Suhaila's and hated the camera angles. The camera was too far away to see what was going on. Maybe I just got a bad one. I like to feel like I am actually in a class. I love the drill segments on YouTube, but am dying for more instruction. Live on-line classes would also be great, but I have found difficulties in "attending" these due to time differences and the fact I work right when most people hold their classes on-line, so a pre- recorded option really would be great. I love the option of booking a Skype class, although the price is quite a lot, and I am more likely to try to visit the mothership on a trip to California to visit my family. However, with so many scheduling difficulties, the Skype option is great, because you don't have to worry about all that. All in all, I am just excited about the option of more instruction coming! Even with the instructional videos, more instruction is never a bad thing. :)