15 August 2013

addendum to {fireside chat} 11 Aug 2013, part one

While things are changing at the Studio,  FatChanceBellyDance® stands strong; the studio is open, the merchandise is available, all workshops will proceed as planned, on-going classes are still on-going, Carolena is here, rested and inspired and waiting to talk with you.
Thanks for your support.


squidlee said...

I'm excited all the way around. Looking forward to all ongoing happenings and fully supportive as an avid ATS® dancer.

Oh yeah, SHOPPING...*trots off to site to look at goods and wares!*

Chayo said...

I'm learning English!!! ;) Wait a little, please!!!

Kathrina said...

I am happy that we have already an apointement to exchange our thoughts soon ;-)

See you