08 July 2013

Happy Birthday to His Holiness Dalai Lama 6 Jul 2013!!

We had 3 great classes on Saturday.
In L1 Fundamentals we covered the Week 6*:Shimmy and Circle Step. It's been a learning curve, coming back to teach Basic classes, and I have to be really creative and time-oriented in order to get all the info out in a way that's understandable to new dancers.
In L2 Combinations we looked

*Yes, I managed to mix up Weeks 4, 5 and 6! I taught Week 4 on Tues, then Week 5 on Sat, then Week 6 on the following Tues....argh! It was brought to my attention at the end of Tues/W6 that I had failed to repeat W4 and W5 on their respective days. So I followed through with W6 on Sat and will flip flop W5 on Tues and W4 on Sat and then we'll be back on track! Apologies :)

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Foodycat said...

"Don't be afraid of the audience" - I love that!