16 July 2013

backstage at Devotion, in pictures

There's nothing quite like seeing your production on the theater marquee.

 The cast have a silly moment after a day of rehearsal.

SuperKate and I compare our differences, along with our similarities.

Back at the FCBD® Studio, we learn about the influences that Teresa Tomb and Rakadu Gypsy Dance are inspired by.

Megha breaks down the Devyani Vol. 9 combos.

Malia DeFelice teaches us about Tunisian Dance.

 Loretta and I experience the fabulous Sister Studio Quilt gifted to us from Deanna Freeman of Devyani Dance Co.


Chayo said...

Ohhhhhhh!! What nice is the last photo!! I like you two!!:)) and it´s precious!! I'm going to make myself one!!;) I try!! Hhahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post and great photos! Thanks for posting!