29 September 2010


Let's have a contest to choose a permanent name for "ATS Old School" and"ATS New Style."
The winner will go down in history, and get a free something when the results of the contest are announced.
Myself and members of FCBD will choose the winning entries.
Tell me what name describes the concept of "Old School."
Tell me what name describes the concept of "New Style."

Let the games begin!


Fran said...

Classic and progressive ATS thats my vote


Fran said...

Classic and Progressive ATS


Shay Moore said...

I think "Classic ATS" is the perfect name for "Old School".

The Classics in music is what you listen to to understand music. You study the work of masters who came before you, and build upon their genius to find your own expression.

The Classics in literature are what you read to form the basis of your own style of writing--they created the language and structure of writing which we know today to be "good writing".

The Classics of painting are where you learn the core techniques and stylizations which you can then incorporate into your own masterpieces.

Isn't this what you have in mind for the future of ATS? Establish it as a commonly recognized standard of excellence, and allow people to train in it and create a foundation of skills and aesthetics that can then support their own creative efforts if they so choose?

I just popped over to look at the dictionary definition of "classics", and AHA! How perfect! Of course, in my humble opinion. LOL

"-of the first or highest quality, class, or rank

-serving as a standard, model, or guide

-of or adhering to an established set of artistic or scientific standards or methods

-basic; fundamental

-of enduring interest, quality, or style

-traditional or typical

-definitive: the classic reference work "

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Anonymous said...

Tell me what name describes the concept of "Old School."
Classic or classical ATS

Tell me what name describes the concept of "New Style."
Next Gen or next generation ATS.


Shay Moore said...

For New School, maybe "Contemporary ATS"? That is a name that can travel with it forward in its evolution, always pertaining to the newest ideas and current times.

Leslie said...

No ideas out of me as of now, but one thing does come to mind...

"Next phase, new wave, dance craze, anyways... it's still rock and roll to me."

-Billy Joel


Much love to you, Mama C. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.


Richie Rich said...

My vote is for CORE ATS for Old School,
and EXPANDED ATS for New Style.

Richie Rich said...

My vote is for "CORE ATS" for Old Style,
and "EXPANDED ATS" for New School.

Theresa said...

Old school ATS:
Traditional ATS

New style ATS:
Creative ATS

I am part of a FCBD sister studio and would be proud to keep the FCBD foundation of ATS alive.

Anonymous said...

ATS Old School - I very much like the expression someone else on tribe.net had suggested (so I can't take credits for this one): "Core ATS". I think it describes very well what it is: the core that defines what the dance is. Without it it's not ATS.

ATS New Style - I would suggest "Expanded ATS", because these are moves that expand the basic movement vocabulary.


Theresa said...

Old school ATS:
Traditional ATS

New style ATS:
Creative ATS

Being part of a FCBD sister studio I am honored to keep the foundation of traditional ATS alive.

angela said...

In my humble opinion I feel that the best name for "old school" has already been used by you to describe it, and that would be "foundation". Just as your castle has gates to open in order to welcome everyone, it must have a strong foundation upon which it is built or it will not last. You have given the dance world that "foundation" in your teachings, and for that we are all blessed.
As for "new school" that is a little trickier since it encompasses so much. I feel that the word that expresses it best is "expansion". This is defined as "the act or process of expanding" and "something that results from and act of expanding". This is what we accomplish in our dancing, our relationships, and ourselves, when we come together for the common purpose of learning new things as well as, sharing this beautiful art form.
Even though we may have different dialects; with our solid "foundation" we can "open the castle gates" and expand our "language" to become more connected with one another, and our audience, through our dance. For that is our ultimate goal, to share and connect.
That is the real beauty of what you have shared with us, and it is up to us to care for it, nurture it and allow it to grow while still honoring where it has come from. And like all great traditions, we must continue to tell the story(dance) in order to keep it alive and thriving.
Angela H.

Many Hands House said...

Old School = Classic or Classical ATS
New School = Modern ATS

maja76 said...

for Old School....
i like these options, CORE ATS or Classic ATS

Blissful said...

I think pure "old/new school" ATS has officially earn the well-deserved title of "Classical-ATS" or "C-ATS". I do love the new term "ATS+" for variations outside of C-ATS! It still allows dancers to pay homage to ATS.
I continue to LUV ATS integrity, styling, elegance, joy, beauty and expansion...etc. So nice to know I'm not alone :)
C-ATS (Classic-ATS) & ATS+
OK, let's get this party started :)

abby.duval said...

Old school ATS: Legacy ATS
New school ATS: Modern ATS

Heather Dirsuwei said...

I have a few names very similar to each other for the old style:
Classical Nericcio ATS,Classic Nericcio ATS or just simply Nericcio ATS

For the New style: New Age ATS.

Heather Dirsuwei said...

I have a few names for the old style which are very similar to each other. Old style: Classical Nericcio ATS, Classic Nericcio ATS or just simply Nericcio ATS. Also, Carolena Style.

New style: New Age ATS.

la_miller said...

It's already been already suggested but I'd like to suggest "Classic ATS" to be known as what you created and what lives on (past & future) in FCBD and Sister Studios.

Perhaps we leave everything else alone? Meaning, remove the "Old School."

I like the idea that I can say, I teach and/or perform Classic ATS and it says it all. If someone asks what "classic" means, it's explanation is that it's the style created by Carolena Nerricio, the woman who created this style, and performed by FatChance BellyDance." That's so much classier than having to say, I teach and/or perform FCBD format. Which gets completely lost with the public/non-bellydancers.

My 2 cents.

Carolena Nericcio said...

Hi All,
Looks like there's going to be more that one winner, as a lot of the ideas are the same!
Just to be clear, you are not defining what style of ATS you do, i.e., old school or new style. The titles refer to what came before (Vol. 1 & Vol.4) and what came after (now, Vol.7 and beyond.)
Maybe it should be ATS BC and ATS AD (but that's sort of morbid!)

Baseema said...

Vintage ATS and Integrated ATS

Heather Dirsuwei said...

I've thought of another idea for names:

Old School: First Order ATS

New Style: New Order ATS

I'm enjoying this. Thanks Carolena.

Mary C said...

This is fun!

I love acronyms! Someone else has suggested both of these already, but if we use Foundational ATS for the core moves then it would be FATS! (From Fat Chance! Get it??)

And we could use Creative ATS for the new stuff! CATS!

Foundational American Tribal + Creative American Tribal = FAT CAT!!

I love ATS!

Beledi Boutique said...

I kinda think there should be 3. Hear me out:
"Foundational ATS" (DVDs 1-4 upon which all moves since are based)

"Progressive ATS" (DVDs 1-7 and beyond because your work with Devyani in adding key elements - cues, transitions, props, etc. - are widely considered a natural progression to advanced ATS with your official integration)

"Contemporary ATS" (any new moves or stylizations, props, etc. that are not included on your DVDs or General Skills but follow Anatomy of a Step)

Beledi Boutique said...

I think there should be three:
"Foundational" DVDs 1-4 foundation upon which everything else must be built
"Progressive" DVDs 1-7+ moves that have been officially integrated into the ATS vocab and covered in GS, as a natural progression into advanced concepts from the foundations
"Contemporary" Any moves/stylizations created with the aforementioned in mind, and Anatomy of a Step.

Foodycat said...

Old school: ATS Heart - the core, the foundation, the rhythm of life (I can't believe I just quoted a musical), the source of love that unites us.

New style: ATS Spirit - the spice, the breath, the compelling emotion that moves us.

Mary C said...

Oooo, I like Beledi Boutique's idea of three names. You could easily communicate whether you do new style ATS according to FC or new style according to whatever.

Foundational (FATS)
Progressive (PATS)
Contemporary (CATS)

Who doesn't like patting cats?? I know *I* like patting cats!

Katharina said...

Old School:
Immanent ATS

New School:
Transcendent ATS

across the ocean:
Katharina / Kalisha

Brandi said...

Original ATS
Creative ATS

xwdpuzzler said...

ATS Basics or originals (for old school)

In order to create variations, you have to know the basics original movements or combos.

ATS Variations or Creativity (for new school) - the core of a variation is the basic movements

Katharina said...

Substantial ATS
Creative ATS


Katharina said...

Elementary ATS

Evolutionary ATS

Katharina / Kalisha

Amy said...

Core* ATS/Remixed ATS

*I also like Classic but I think that the term Core is more accurate as ATS moves forward, to emphasize where we are coming from. Everyone dancing ATS will have those moves and concepts as the center of their dancing.

Leslie said...

Hello everyone, and of course
Mama C!

I've been reading people's various suggestions/ideas and want to share 2 things:

1) I am not a fan of "elementary ATS" ... for some reason that really makes me feel like it's downgrading the "base" moves/and/or makes them sound easy, or juvenile, or something... along those lines. But please don't take my opinion personally. It's just my opinion.

2) The more I adjust to this all, the more I am finding I really like "Core ATS" in place of "Old School", and with that, keeping "New Style". To me that's what feels the most natural and comfortable.


Old school ATS = Core ATS
New style ATS = New style ATS

Thank you so much for giving us all the chance to give input and share ideas/suggestions, Mama C. Your generosity is never ending.


Tiinuli said...

Tradiotional ATS / Modern ATS

Carolena Nericcio said...

And the winner is...

Classic ATS
Modern ATS

Since these terms were mentioned several times, everyone's a winner!

If you'll send your name, address and tee shirt size to we'll send you a special tee when they are ready.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the name contest.

Let's dance!

Anonymous said...

The names are great - although I think I've been describing what Sababa does as "Classical ATS" for some time. To me - Classic or Classical ATS has meant all FCBD approved and confirmed steps, combos, and techniques. Anything other than that (eg - variations we consciously or unconsciously impose) would be "Modern". We've been using the Vol 7 stuff all along - Can't see as anything but pure, classic ATS.

Shelina said...

Old School ATS - Yin ATS
New Style ATS - Yang ATS

The Yin-Yang represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents "everything" (ATS old and new), while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called "yin" (black, solid core fundamentals of ATS) and "yang" (white new enlightened moves inspired from the core fundamentals), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other.

The old style gave way to the new style and they cannot exist with the other.

That's my view of it! Thanks!

Hugs to all!
~ Shelina

MissC said...

Old School ....Core ATS
New School ....Expanded ATS

Jasmine said...

Aw, man! I took an internet hiatus and missed out on the contest! I am so bummed...and I already had my names picked out and everything! That's what I get for eschewing all my social networks for a month...

*epic pouty face*

Luna said...

I really loved the "Core ATS" and "Expansive ATS", it expresses the meaning of Old and New school ATS. I have learned the New ATS from the beginning of my ATS practice, so I don't really think the old style as Classic. I think of it as a Core where you add layers of complexity.

Kathrina said...

I just found the Classic / Modern TeeShirt in the FCBD Shop. What a lovely idea to print the results from this "contest!" Dear Carolena - did you "by the way, maybeeee, coincidentally" consider about bringing Tees to Germany - just in case there might be space in your luggage? As three of my proposals were printed on it, I would feel so honoured to wear the idea-collection. C U soon and have a save travel to Belgium and Germany. Katharina