08 August 2015

What's In A Name?

What’s in a name?

As our ATS® family grows and we continue to add more opportunities for advanced training, we began to ponder what to call each new designation.  After much deliberation, we have created a “cheat sheet” for you to use when explaining who you are and what your relationship to FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. entails.

Please feel free to use these titles on your business cards, marketing materials, etc.

Stay tuned for our NEW CUSTOMIZABLE FatChanceBellyDance® business cards, postcards, and other promotional materials coming soon!!

FatChanceBellyDance® Studio Instructors- “FatChanceBellyDance® Studio Instructor”
The designation FCBD® Studio Instructor or FCBD® Instructor is reserved for only those instructors who teach at the home studio in San Francisco.

GS graduates- “American Tribal Style® Certified”
If you have completed your GS, but not your TT, then you are ATS® Certified.

TT graduates- “American Tribal Style® Certified Instructor”
If you have completed GS and TT, but not sought Sister Studio status, then you are an ATS® Certified Instructor.

Sister Studio approved TT graduates- “Sister Studio” or “FCBD® Sister Studio”
Sister Studio status is only for approved TT graduates.  You may also list that you carry the GS and TT certifications if you wish but you don’t need to do so.

SSCE participant- “Sister Studio re-certified 2015 (or insert year)”
Once you have completed your re-certification, then you can use the re-certified designation.  Re-certification must continue annually to keep the title.

SSCE instructors- “Sister Studio Continuing Education Instructor”
For those who have been invited to issue SSCE credit through teaching private lessons or workshops.

ATT graduates- “Advanced Teacher Training Certified”
For those who have successfully completed the Advanced Teacher Training

Please remember to use our ® when referring to:
American Tribal Style®
Dancing in Flow®


Melissa Decker said...

Thank you for this straightforward list!

Nancy Young said...

Thanks, Carolena! This list is a big help.

Nancy Young said...

Thanks, Carolena! This list is a big help.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, I was just wondering about this yesterday! <3
Charlotte Heloise

Anaïs ZAPHIRIADIS said...

Thank you for this list!

Although it clears up a lot I still have a question (sorry): I studied ATS with a sister studio teacher back in 2011 and completed what was then called "Tribal Basics" and "Beyond Tribal Basics" courses - no New ATS material, just Old-School ATS. Is there an official status name corresponding to my level?

Thank you in advance for your answer ^^

Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman said...

Anais, these titles are for students that have graduated from one of our accredited programs. It does not apply to you. You are "a student of ATS®", a very good thing indeed!

Anaïs ZAPHIRIADIS said...

Thank you for your answer^^.
I wasn't too sure about the right term and I'm happy to be a student of ATS® (and I'm looking forward to studying and learning more!)

lightning x said...

Carolena, I love this! It's brilliant retooling of the syllabus. I have really been contemplating something you mentioned about level 1 (if I caught your drift correctly), that it should be fun for people and ignite their embrace of ATS®. To that end, something like the Chico is so fun and much less complex than other steps. And I like the flexibility of teaching turns in level 1. I will enjoy tinkering with the new format.

Leslie from Napa

lightning x said...

Love it! Thanks!