14 November 2014

13 Nov 2014: L3 with playlist

This was a great class! We watched a vintage FCBD® video and looked for the "breath and pulse" that the viewers were experiencing. Very sophisticated stuff. We are forming an Old School Challenge: to keep the moves simple, wear a full headdress and classic costume (in the old days the skirt just hung to the floor...no fancy tucks...so as not to draw attention away from the head and torso of the dancer) and really connect with your partner, like a lifeline. We opened the class with Salamat from Charcoal Gypsies and I demonstrated 4..4..4..4}bang!..4..4..4..4}bang!..4..4..4..4}bang!..4..4..4..4}BANG!
We will make a loose choreo for training purposes so dancers can learn the power of simplicity and strategy. Stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

With apologies to Kae, I love the untucked skirt look, especially during spins when the flash of pantaloons adds a special extra color and flash. I've pinned up a few skirts near the waistband because so few skirts are made for 5'-tall dancers, but that is covered by a tassel belt. The tucked-up look always reminds me of the Renaissance Faire - or sometimes even the Dickens Fair! So I welcome the return to this look in FCBD (while we've generally preserved it in House of Inanna)!