18 March 2014

Bold As Brass-Nakarali

Hi All,
If you haven't seen the new Nakarali Bold As Brass collection, head on over to www.nakarali.com.

We have amazing new designs that are both luscious and very affordable, due to the magic of brass, designer Colleena Shakti and the artisans in India. We've priced them individually and in "collections" so you can get a little or a lot. We recommend a lot.

Here's a photo from the Tribal Roots show at Club f8 last Friday, produced by DJ Amar. I used two necklaces for a belly drape, as well as a stack of bangles and giant hoop earrings (the kind that can be a wrist bangle or pop open for gauged ears.)

And here are some shots from the Bold As Brass launch party on 8 Mar at the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio in San Francisco.

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Gaia Sophia said...

I am SO glad brass is being introduced as a costuming element. I love the warm golden tones of brass. It feels very alive and earthy. Plus, the collection has simple clean lines and beautiful curves. My favorite combination. Thank you!