09 January 2014

L3...wait for it..

This week, we explored the creation of a solo choreography. We started it in the last L3 class of 2013.
I told the dancers that they didn't have enough "fear" when approaching this piece of music, Marseillais Du Nord by Cheb Mami. The song is so rich and filled with emotion and orchestration, his voice is pleading you to dance with everything you have. I wanted them to feel what it feels like on stage when you can't turn back, you have to get it right.
And to that end, I also recommend that you listen to Lose Yourself by Eminem from the movie 8 Mile. He sums it up, completely.


Kathrina said...

Curious what's going on...

Kathrina said...

I have to download that song immediately and give it a try!!!!

What version of Marseillaise Du Nord do you use? I found 2 versions on iTunes, one has some EXPLICIT Rap-parts in it and the other one ist just Cheb Mami singing.
Which one would you recommend?

Becka Bomb said...

Lenay brought this back to us on Friday for our level 3 and it was absolutely amazing. I think so many times we just dance the music and not truly feel what the music is telling us.

Lenay Kamalah said...

This class was a total blast. I am so glad I was in the FCBD studio for it. The moves highlighted the music-we really were another instrument and thought about how to work with the music in a different way. As far as the music goes, the only downloadable version I could find was Marseillais Du Nord by K Rhyme Le Roi feat Cheb Mami on the Black Tape album. It is the explicit version. Carolena used the original on Cheb Mami's Meli Meli album but you would have to buy the cd.

Kamala Chaand said...

I love that you are suggesting we listen to Eminem.


Also, I love this entire concept so hard.

Lastly, I can't wait to have the chance to come out and study with you more and experience this with you and study deeper.