21 December 2013

Nesting on My Laurels

2013 has been a year of transition for me. I have spent the year in reflection about where I have been and planning the journey yet to come.  I have shared some of these changes with you through the year.  Many of you know that this year I married the love of my life, Loretta.  Being married certainly changes my perspective on life and makes me want to stay home more!

I am traveling less and taking better physical care of myself.  I am spending my time at the studio, teaching students in San Francisco and from afar through the wonders of Skype and PowHow.  I am still traveling some, about once a month, but my focus is shifting to how I can operate out of San Francisco.  FatChanceBellyDance® instructors have graciously agreed to take on more travel so that you can still bring American Tribal Style® to your community.

I am moving into a phase that I like to think of as “nesting on my laurels.”  Without the constant distraction of travel, I am bursting with new ideas.  I am thinking strategically about how I can better meet the needs of the Sister Studios.  The Sister Studio survey is one way to collect information from you about what you need and want from me and FCBD®.  If you haven’t completed it yet, please do so.  I will be taking your feedback and suggestions seriously and will let you know how I will be implementing those suggestions.

I am developing new products (e.g. FCBD® Studio Manager), trainings (e.g., Advanced Teacher Training) and classes (e.g., Dancing in Flow with Carolena).

There are so many exciting things yet to come this year.

I am prioritizing my relationship with you- the students and Sister Studios.  I want to talk to you about your struggles through the Tribal Council program.  I want to teach you through our new on-line classes and private Skype and PowHow lessons.  I want to create ways to bring you to San Francisco through a new “Destination Carolena” program that will be unveiled this year.

Most importantly, in order to “nest on my laurels,” I want to invite you to come and visit me.  I have created the first “all ATS®, all weekend” workshop sponsored by FCBD® for January of 2015.  ATS® Homecoming: Return to the Mothership will be a tribal village where you can interact with other ATS® dancers, learn from the best in our art, shop and be in community with other dancers.  I will have guided tours to FCBD® for those of you new to San Francisco and many other special touches to make this a one-of-a-kind conference. In essence, I am creating an experience for you.  I want you to be able to come to the birthplace of American Tribal Style® dance and understand it for yourself.  I want you to join me, in my home community, to feel the heart of ATS®.

I am also going to start hosting General Skills, Teacher Training and The Business of ATS® in San Francisco once a year. The first GS/TT will be held before and after ATS® Homecoming: Return to the Mothership.  Pre-registration for those planning on attending General Skills and Teacher Training in addition to ATS® Homecoming  will open on February 1, 2014.  ATS® Homecoming registration will open on February 17, 2014.

I hope to see you all soon.  Happy Holidays.


Leslie Thompson said...

Sounds like your evolution makes perfect sense, Carolena. After my first visit to the mother ship, I realized that I need regular contact and recalibration if I want to evolve and improve. I am so looking forward to all of it! And thank you.

Isabel De Lorenzo said...

Many thanks for all this. I'll do my best to "return to the Motherhood" as soon as possible!

Zina Dance said...

Love the concept and will make every effort to attend!


Gypsy said...

I love ALL the things! Xoxo

Miasma said...

I would SOOOOO love to make it to homecoming!! Sounds awesome :))

lionmml said...

Hooray! As someone who is happily married I totally understand your wanting to stay at home with your honey. (I bet she likes that too. :))

I hope to make it to SF and experience the Mothership one day soon. I also look forward to all of the new ways to communicate and learn. :)

Be well! - Margaret in Bloomington

Diana Lee said...

Wow! this is very exciting ATS® Homecoming: Return to the Mothership, already looking forward to it.

Because there is no place like home. :-)

Christine Akula Tribal said...

Exciting times for you and us Carolena!...I am definitely going to be sitting on my computer when registration opens. I loved visiting the Mothership in 2010 and have wanted to return ever since...Happy holidays and a happy 2014!...xx

Maya Dance said...

Yes! 2015 Goal: return to the Mothership! ♡