22 November 2013

When Kennedy Died

In 1962, the year President Kennedy was shot, I was two years old, almost three because I was born in December.
My life was pretty simple back then. Hanging out with my Mom and Dad, watching TV and eating my special treat of carrot sticks and apple juice.
When the President was shot, all the TV programs changed. I had no idea why, so I asked my Mom.
She wanted to explain the severity of the situation in a way that wouldn't scare me.

I asked, "Why is the TV different?"
She replied, "Because someone did a very bad thing."
I pursued, "What did they do?"
She hesitated and said,"Something so bad that they won't be getting carrots and apple juice for a really long time."
My response, "Whoa."

Me and my Dad, Carl Nericcio.


Kathrina said...

Thank you for sharing this moment and this foto.

Chayo said...

Thank you!!! :))
I love your photo!!!