09 April 2013

Dancing in front of the Family Tree

Michigan; debuting the new GS format; 2 Day GS ATS® Classic and 2 Day GS ATS® Modern at the CCPlus Dance Center, hosted by Czigany Dance.

We asked our FCBD® Sister Studios how we could streamline the 4 day 20 hour course and they gave us great insight which we put to use; the Anatomy and Music lectures will be available as On-line Classes, with pop quizzes, review and practical application in the studio class; after this year Floorwork will become an option as it's not really a general skill. We are keeping it through this year because it was in the course descriptions that had already been booked-but it's really a specialty and not applicable for everyone and you can certainly be a full-fledged ATS® dancer without it! We've also arranged the step families as topics whenever possible (walking, undulations, etc.) and added a What is ATS®? talk at the start of the course so the whole package is a continuum rather than a roster of steps. 

With this lighter load we've been able to expand the number of students we can accommodate in GS for ATS®, thereby reaching more students at one time. Suffice to say the new format is a success!

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Misha Dancer said...

So grateful to have been part of this class with you all! <3