25 November 2009

this is rich

i.e., you gotta love the California DMV.

I got a renewal notice for my CA Driver's License. I said that if there is no address change, I can save time (!) and renew on-line. Oh goody!
But wait, the address is wrong. The street address and zip code are correct but the city is listed as Linderville. Linderville? I live in South San Francisco, on the Penninsula-south of San Francisco if you will.
I go to the website and find that if I change my address I have to mail in the renewal. Seems reasonable, but do I really need to change my address ... where is Linderville? Is it a charming nickname for South San Francisco that only the DMV knows about?
So I make the call, wait the requisite 10 minutes and eventually get agent 304. I introduce myself and tell her my situation.
Here is what she said:
"Well, you should change the city name, although the post office always goes by the zip code (which is correct.) When is your birthday?"
December 24th, I reply.
"Oh, you would be cutting it close if you renew by mail."
It's only November 24th I say.
"But the DMV is having some delays, and it would be risky to do the whole thing by mail. You could end up with an expired license."
This is risky for someone who travels for a living.
"Let see if we can get you an appointment at a DMV office ... Daly City-no, San Mateo-nope ... the only thing available is IN SAN FRANCISCO ON DECEMBER 24th."
Do I need to spell out how impossible it would be to get to the SF DMV on the day before Xmas? I think not.
It appears that the only option is to take a picnic and my knitting and go to the Daly City DMV and hope for a walk-in. Maybe I should take a sleeping bag as well ...

ps. I just looked up my so-called address in "Linderville" and it doesn't exist. Nor does Linderville CA exist at all. So, I have to go and spend a day at the DMV to correct a city that does not exist so my driver's license won't expire before I can get it renewed. Send wine.


Dulce said...

sending Whiskey....for the DMV you need something stronger than wine!

Tasha-Rose said...

Cheese and Rice! Sounds just about as inept as the MNDMV!! Happy Picniking!

Carolena Nericcio said...

Ya know, I think I'll just renew the license on-line with the incorrect city, the zip code is correct (and it's their mistake after all.)
It *might* get corrected in the process, you never know...
If the new license comes with the wrong city, I can send in the form and start the process, but at least I'll have a valid license!

Amy said...

Ever since the closing of our subterranean secret MVA office (in the center of Baltimore, in the floor of a subway stop below the street but one level above the platform) I despair of ever getting quick service again. I am wishing you luck, and if nothing else that your wait is productive knitting time.

I am tickled that your birthday is the same as one of my oldest friends (the only person I could imagine opening a business with, twice). Which reminds me, I need to get cracking on his separate birthday and Christmas presents.

Carrie said...

Hmm... they don't have a DMV cam? Here you can go to the DMV web cam and see how busy it is before you drive down... err wait. That won't work. You're in SF. It'll take at least 90 minutes to get there. By that time, business could have changed dramatically!

Anonymous said...

This post is the start of a memoir if I ever read one.

Happy Holidays,