17 October 2009

Problem solved

In Milwaukee last week while driving to Teacher Training Two, Kate and I were discussing what intelligent and confident women talk about...our obsessive thoughts about body image.
I said that if they could cauterize the part of my brain that chases around and around thoughts about my weight, I could be a better person for the world. I would literally have more of me to give, could be more generous.
Kate was talking about the Wii workout module and how she had to give it away because it doesn't have the option of "my period is coming and I'm bloated" for a response when it asks you why you have gained a pound.
Then it hit me-if they (engineers, start your engines!) could find a way to use the energy from our compulsive body image thoughts to burn calories-we'd solve the problem!
Then Kate chimed in that we could eat whatever we wanted because that would cause more obsessive thoughts that would then burn even more calories!
Now I'm not joking here. I am willing to give this idea away to a developer because I know that it could make the world a better place. I usually don't share my awesome ideas, thought some have been lifted from my brain (the Walkman, the GPS, the Netbook...I really did think those up long before they were developed.) But I am going to put this one out there for someone to pick up and make a million. Be my guest.
I will be your first customer.


Jenn said...

This MUST be the most awesome idea EVER! May the universe rise up to meet this one!

Foodycat said...

It's a good idea! On the other hand I was at Tribal Vibe on Saturday and somehow for the day of dancing my usual negative thoughts about my body were crowded out by "Arabic what now?", "How the heck do I shimmy like that?" and "I wonder if my boss would mind if I had dreadlocks like that?". Therefore more dancing = fewer negative thoughts!

Fran said...

Ya know I bet we gals could generate enough energy to not only burn calories but also fuel our cars! We could sell what we don’t use to power companies and long hall truckers.