19 September 2009

Fiber in Finland

We visited a Restoration Project in Pori, Finland. The houses are reconstructed so you can walk around and see what traditional life was like (Tiina, add any corrections here ..)
Could I get happier, finding the textile room!
Loom and spinning wheels (yes, there were several wheels!)
Doesn't this portrait of a sewing machine make you smile?
It's just so lovely.

Raddles ...
Wheels ...
...a wooden swift for winding skeins of yarn
...the loom

...and a washing machine!


Elizabeth said...

I love the pictures! And yes the sewing machine portrait makes me happy! I have a very similar Singer treadle in my living room.

MissC said...

Oh my! My grandmother had one of these lovely Singer machines - it was my introduction to sewing!

The washing machine would give the arms a great workout!

pat_a_howard2002 said...

I learned to sew at my grandmother's on a Singer treadle machine! I loved using it.

Many Hands House said...

A photo of Carolena with a spinning wheel! Who could ask for more?