08 May 2015

Dancing in Flow® Playlist

Here's a compilation of six of my Dancing in Flow® playlists. Best of the best. Songs that command that I stop thinking and respond to the music.

And here's a re-post of how to teach a Dancing in Flow® Class.

Dancing in Flow®

Dancing in Flow® was created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman with the class format of “all dance, no talk.”  Since designing this class, other ATS® instructors have also begun to offer similar classes. 

These guidelines will help to define the class and suggest ways for each teacher to structure and prepare for the class.  Please incorporate them in your own Dancing in Flow® classes.

During the class, there will be no verbal communication.  The teacher will not explain the movements, give feedback to students or comment on what she is teaching.  The only exception to this is when the teacher initially greets the class, explaining what will happen and suggesting that the participants just follow the movements and enjoy without worrying about whether they are doing the movements correctly.

Dancing in Flow® is a one hour class divided into 4 fifteen minute segments with a quiet water break every 15 min. During the first fifteen minutes of class, the brain will chatter as the students become used to dancing continuously. During the second fifteen minutes, the brain will begin to relax.  During the third period of dance, the brain will finally decide to take a vacation to allow the body to enjoy moving.  Finally, during the last fifteen minutes, you will go on auto-pilot into pure bliss.  Maintain the silence at the end of the class to allow the students to leave in this meditative state.

As an instructor, there are only a few things that you need to do to prep for class:
Create a 1 hour playlist alternating between slow and fast songs. 
Choose relatively short songs to allow for variety. 
You should be familiar and comfortable with the music, and more importantly it should literally move you, as the driving force behind the Flow® concept is responding to the music without thinking.

When you are teaching, remember that you are talking exclusively with your body, not using words.  So, you must be clear in your cues and movements so that the class can follow you. 



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